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Few things should be improved

Here are some thoughts, maybe you will find them useful:
Instead of writing the text on the background, make white textboxes and use the letters of lower size, also instead of writing the name of the character you could put the head of the character next to the text.
The background is too big - the characters are too small, they could look bigger on the screen, maybe not as big as in fight scene and sonic kick scene, but somewhere close to that.
One basic movie element is missing - replay button.
And about spelling,.. I won't say anything, I have problems with it too. :D
Good luck at making episode two. :)

Best one in the series.

Had to watch the previous two episodes to get the rigth impression of what kind of animation this is. And,.. I noticed that every new part gets better and better. For instance in the first one you could hear noizes in the background of the speaker and there were no other charachters in the scene.
Second episode, new character showed up, which was missing in the first part, that's the guy living in the house. But the outlook of that black guy wasn't very good, because he was drawn in a different style from Donald.
Also, better music was used in the part number two.
And this new one, the third, nicely done if talkink about the characters. But still the environment looks like it has been used from the second episode without improvement, maybe some changes will be done in the next episodes, but,.. since Donald was shot in this episode, does it mean that this is the end of the series? :) I hope not! Good luck at making episode 4! ;)

Drumunit responds:

Nope, not the end, theres to be 4 more episodes for season 1. Then we'll start Season 2 in 07 in Late March! :) Thanks :D


Every human being has a right to create his own World he wants to live in, a place where he would feel like being at home. You have written that the blue man was creating a perfect place for the flower to grow in... maybe the flower was just a part of his World? A flower can be a symbol of a lot of things... And about 'God-like', I think every man, that is able to create something, to give a piece of himself to this World is 'God-like', just like you by making this animation.
I think the most concerning question abuot this animation should be not what the blue man was doing, but why he did that?
..The environment was blank white first, then right before the flower was created the environment was finished, so why the flower was created in white background? :)
One more thing I wanted to say, the choice of music was perfect, or I should say the animation for the music was made perfectly. ;)

tricolor responds:

Thank you so much for this review. It's not a perfect piece, but I'm glad you liked it. I have to work on my anmation techniques... That's what I'll be doing this summer -- that and drawing.

It means a lot to me to get a review from an intelligent person like you. I love your music, and I'm glad you liked this.

Peace, friend.

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Here I am again ;)

There are few thing I forgot to write in my other review, it's about the music on these two games. I believe that the best music style for logical games is something like a track numer 1 on "The 63 Game", something smooth,.. a bit slow...
The track number two is good too, it feels like it makes you think quicker :) Well, I guess it depends on the mood of the player.
"Black eyed peace - Pump it" is a great song, thanks for putting it into "The Number Game", I open the game window and leave it just so I could listen to that song. :D
P.S. my e-mail is edx@takas.lt , will be waiting for the "Crazy 255 Squares Game" ;)

Dai-Yuu responds:

lol, I'll fix it up soon, glad you like the music too

I don't mind pressing ctrl+f5 to try other levels

So this is like an extension pack to your previous "The 63 Game"?...
I have never played other types of this logical game, just 15 squares, which I believe I still have somewhere between my CDs :)
I was wondering how the 255 squares game would look like, you think you could do that? :D
Good luck trying to fix those "glitches"!

Dai-Yuu responds:

yea it is. I had put up the 63 game to see the user reaction. It was quite popular, and people kept asking for some stuff to be added, so i went with the crowd.

255 squares? lol, I might do it. It'd be funny.

I'm glad you had fun with the game too!
(Also, could you leave your email in a review on another one of my submittions, I'll email you a copy of the 255 one) or email me


Controlling in the 'Platformer' has some problems, in the 2,3,4... level blue ball does not move as smooth as in the level 1. Anyway this game was one of the most interesting.
'Shooter' did not catch my attention, because moving in limited area gets boring. ;|
'MouseGame' was good, I liked that thing with red, blue, green glow.
And the best one - the 'Puzzle'. Isometric games can be really interesting, but once again, the blue thing (or I should say the stage) is moving too slow and hitting the arrows n-times per minute is not the most pleasant way of controlling. :)
However any of these game scripts can be used in some great games, you just need good graphics, sounds and background music. ;)

johnfn responds:

Yeah, I was messing around with smoother movement in level 1, then forgot to bring the code to the other levels. >.>

Hm, Shooter takes a while to pick up I guess.

Puzzlegame was your favorite eh? Hm, everyone always hates that one ;) Maybe if I can get better graphics I'd get more people to like it.

Thanks for the reivew!


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